Environmentally Conscious

From the very beginning we have known there is a better way to make personalized stationery. It is our mission to make sustainability key to our business practice.

Sustainable Paper

The paper used to make our folded cards, flat cards, envelopes, & postcards is 30% recycled, acid free, and chlorine free for sustainability. Our notepads are made with 100% post consumer recycled paper. Using post-consumer recycled paper helps create a demand for recycled paper and lessens the amount of virgin paper used, which in return helps close the loop on paper manufacturing. 

We strive to make as little paper waste as possible. Our made-to-order process means we are able to only cut what we need when we need it. It takes a little more effort than the traditional method of purchasing pre-cut paper but it allows us to reduce our waste. Any paper that is discarded is recycled at a local facility. 

Sustainable Packaging

Our packaging is made with 100% recycled materials & is recyclable in your curbside pickup. About 1/3 of an average dump is made up of packing material. Please recycle or reuse our packaging to reduce the amount of material that ends up in our landfills! 

Because of our packaging, we have saved around 260lbs of wood and 417 gallons of water from being used each year. We choose to use recycled materials instead of compostable packaging because it is generally easier for you to recycle them. 

The Future

We are committed to keeping these values as our brand grows. As we expand, our main priority will be to give you the best quality products that the market has to offer, along with keeping our home safe for future generations. We are able to do this because of you. Thank you for your help in keeping our Earth a safe place to live for years to come.